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Internship is over!

2 good friends i have made from this internship!

Internship is over le! :) But Major project is not! :(
Its been half a year i didnt blog. I'm not a blogger 6 months ago. But i want to open a tumblr account. I must keep updating tumblr if i have one.

I wanna write about internship at this space so that i will not forget!
BUT i'm lazy! Hahaha


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2 weeks of internship have passed. Means we are gonna be on our own real soon.
I can only say the past 2 weeks have been hard on me
Its simply too long and heavy for me to write it in words
Working life is definitely not good
Hearing my coursemates enjoying their intern is making me so envious of them. How sad!
And my roster is always different from funfun and zhuxuan, its makes us meeting each other so hard. Sigh!

Tmr is school reopening day for TP students, now how i wish i can go back to schooL, when last time i used to complained abt school!
Sigh maybe its time to step out of comfort zone, face up the world, grow up
Its so cruel to me :(
Jus like my supervisor said, this is worklife, no longer school life.
I upload this pic because i feel i'm jailed! Off days are days that i am released!
And since my intern requires me to work shifts and on saturday and sunday, i no longer feel the exitement of weekend is coming.

Going off for work. Contradicting face.
Last week had meetup with jieyan on my off days. 难得 off!
Monday just had a meetup and chitchated abt my work. I need a listening ear much. Thanks jy.

Wednesday off: Shopping with Jieyan! I bought clothings to reward myself! Everytime i had a hard time i want to reward myself with things. For example clothings or food. Haha nowadays i seldom order less rice because i tell myself that eating is the only thing that i could enjoy when working. Hahaha! But i dun wanna get fatter.
This dress belongs to Jieyan- I like it much, so i borrow from her to wear it once.
First time i see her wear dress and it makes her so different, pretty! Forgot to take a picture of her wearing :P

Yesterday : 0417 BEEP!
Another reward after work?
This is my first time attending concert, haha oppps!
S.H.E simply rocks! I LOVE THEM SUPER LOTS.
After the concert i almost lose my voice again!
Actually i dun mind losing my voice but i have to worry that i cant lose voice due to my work. Pour cold blanket boooooooo

SHE is the one
Rush to the concert immediately after work. I da-bao-ed my dinner there to eat. Then when me and cheryl was about to go in, the staff working there said no food allowed. So i had to eat super fast at a corner outside the indoor stadium. Like very ke-lian sia hahaha

I remembered that i went indoor stadium when i was young to watch ice skating performance

When i went for work early in the morning, i sms-ed cheryl and asked her to help make a board for SHE's concert. Luckily she's free to do :)
She draw till very funny coz i think she drew s.h.e's face like egg cracked. Haha but actually i think she did quite a good job! :D

There was some parts of the concert that makes me feel like tearing but i jus cant force the tears to come out :(
If i'm not wrong i liked SHE since primary 5 or 6.
I grew up with SHE's songs
Some of their songs jus described my feelings so well
When they sang 痛快, i just felt its encourages me to carry on with my life well.
And when they sang 老婆 and 魔力, i am so glad that i found my laopo and my mo li.
:) :) :)

Now you are holding SHE's board. Hope in the future there will be many people holding yr name board bahs :)

Jieyan and her sister, jieyu. They looked so alike (like twins!)
Her sister can speak japanese so fluently.
I oso wished i can speak other language! :(( so cool.

Tmr is my Driving test already! OMGGG
I still find my driving skills not steady for test
But no matter wad, i will do my best.
I hope my nervousness would not affect my performance
I want good news tmr please!
If there is good news then it will delight my dull life recently Haha
May god bless me


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my nineteenth!
OKAY its been 3 days after my birthday and almost a week after the celebration!
Haven update about my birthday bcoz i'm busy!
Internship starts on my birthday (awwwee~), quite tough to be in JQ (Hope i can survive the next 6 months)

Although i'm off today but i oso cant fully update my birthday celebration coz it's gonna take up too much time
I still have to read through JQ stuffs after i blogged. :((((

Oh anyway my birthday celebration was at Marina Barrage- 3rd time been there
A great place for photo taking! HAHA
Sparkles, sunglasses, bunny, balloons, melted and smashed cake, flowers, ribbon bag, nautical bag, letter pencil case,
I had a memorable bday again, thanks to my buddies!

Thanks a million to my buddies -->


tommorrow is officially start of work, on my own without 2 girls by my side. OH NO
I wished i haven start internship at all!


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Countdown to 19

Lovely Cupcakes right?!

Today is the 1st day of April alr!
4 more days to my Birthday. OMY tian
Tmr is the advance celebration
Haven got the mood yet lei. .Too early le bahs haha
BE HAPPY come on :D :)

Aww my favourite show has ended le.
The last episode made me cry like mad! Sobs :(
Seems like first time i cry so much for a show.
Too into the drama le.


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These few days. . .

Attended the SMILE programme with FunFun and Zhu Xuan. Also early in the morning and last even longer than the Nebo kids event.

The whole programme was a Totally BAD experience! Not the programme was bad (its was good), but it was the people that make me feel its was a bad experience! Grrrr

The SMILE programme is quite similar to Up yr service course that i attended not long ago. And attending these 2 courses makes me feels worried of my job at Jetquay! Am i service orientated? Hmmm. . .

The course ended at 5pm (like finally~) and we had to go jetquay to collect our uniform. Its brown blazer and skirt, white top, nude stockings and black shoes.

Thursday: Not quite good day too
Had driving lesson as usual but something unusual and bad happened to me! Haiz :(
I had a small small accident
Bcoz my engine died suddenly and the car behind me bang towards my car. Slight bang only
But i'm so anxious, worried that its serious or not.

We stopped at the roadside and my instructor asked me to stay in the car while he and the another driver talked. Eventually the other driver compensate my instructor $50. My instructor told me its not my fault but i still feel bad about it.

Friday: Driving lesson + Swimming with cheryl and mino (whee~)
Finally swam after at least 5 months.
Must go swimming soon (i'm getting fatter by day)


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Nebo kids snow city!
Haven been blogging abt this!
Its already a few days oppps
Must recall! cant rmb clearly

Tuesday :
Reached school at 8am (damn early cant wake up!)
Only me and jieyan go, tsexin got something on bahs

Briefed us on our schedule for that day, and we are going to snow chamber and ice-cream making! Woohoo so icy!

Thanks to this volunteer event, i got the chance to go snow city again and ice cream making first time in my life haha!
But eventually i nv play the slide (that's the only fun part abt snow city) coz me and my kid dun dare to play! Haha we are fated to pair up! But i'm willing to try, he dun dare. Haha

My kid is Anlon (i think its spelled like this?), it took me a while to pronounce his name properly, i think he's so frustrated! haha. He's quite cute, always have high pitch voice, a bit shy yet a bit playful.
At snow city inside was like freeezzing cold!! We only got jacket, the kids got jacket and gloves.. (Good right!)
Its like i can feel the numbness of my nose.

There was 2 times my body had contact with the snow and the feeling is so terrible! Froze bite or wad?
The 1st time was i tried to help Anlon build a small snow mountain with my bare hands, i didnt know the consequence!
The 2nd time was a kid accidentally kick snow into my shoes. Omg!
The snow made my hands and legs so painful, cannot move.

Then, there's one time Anlon cried badly! OMG i was so scared, dunno wad happen to him. I quickly sayang him ask him why he cried, he told me the other kid throw snow at his face, very pain. Haiyo. . . Then he oso started to throw, i did stop him but sometimes cant..

Jieyan's kid was a girl. She looked shy at first but eventually i saw her playing actively. Haha

Btw, i didnt take any photos at snow city coz they say cannot bring devices if not yr devices will be frozen (spoil) haha really!

After that we went to NTUC centre near raffles place for lunch.
Both jieyan and my kid say they can eat by themselves, so independent! Xiao da ren.
And Anlon can eat finish the whole packet of food! (same as our size). Didnt waste any at all, such a good boy!
He also told me that he dun like to eat chocolate and sweets bcoz he dun want to be sick. So obedient right?!

The view from NTUC centre. working in this area seems so cool, like those professionals in TV. haha

Looks like christmas tree ya? Xmas all year round? Haha

At the centre of a heavy traffic road. . . .

We took a photo of it! Haha

After the event we went to walk around since she was early to report for her work.

We went to billy bombers for a while bcoz i wanted to take a look at her workplace! Nv see before.
This is the view from 2nd storey of central!

Me at the balcony of Billy bombers

Then we feel tired and glutton so we went to this japanese restaurant under waraku (i forgot the name!) for dessert! First time visit too. The restaurant looks so special and seems like a walk-in home studio (like ikea)

Nice bahs!?

The dessert that we ordered, peach flavour and its yummy! Especially the big peaches and cereals hidden underneath.

The ice cream meltzzz

What a Icy day we have spent!


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Nebo kids

Back from the Nebo kids volunteer event! Will update again soon!
Finally i have pictures for my blog!

Sometimes i really wonder if i have learnt any lesson from my mistakes, if not why do i keep committing the same mistake over and over again? I hate myself


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In the end i nv pack my room again :(
Ok I shall, must set a day to pack my room! Must! Part of my room oso can. Haha

Life is pretty bored nowadays. BOO
What i did today:
Driving lesson.
JOG + 50Sit-ups -> whee!! And i managed to jog non stop! First time! My motivation to jog? Fashion! Slim legs! I wanna long slim legs!
Short phone chat with ah min :D

And today i received a call from jetQuay. I'm their intern now. OMG what should i feel huh? Haha. Hope its a nice experience there. haha

I like this model! I like this romper!


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What lies for me in the future?
Now my whole body is aching after playing badminton with my classmates this morning!
Long time nv exercise like my whole body going to "san" alr!

Today is the release of results :)
I finally got the first distinction of my poly study life!
And its my favourite subject of this semester, coz i find ground handling kinda interesting?
And seems like everyone's results is getting better, i hope this kind of trend continues!
I have to continue improving/ maintaining in order to let my GPA rise.
Gonna be a tough job man! Jiayou!

I got to find meaningful stuff to do. But like wad?
First, pack my entire room
How come i'm always not determined enough to do things!?
Reminder to myself : time is not enough


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TV everyday!
Today i over slept for driving lesson! Driving lesson at 230 pm, i woke up at 240 pm!
Omy tian I didnt heard my alarm at all! Hopefully i dun need to pay for today's lesson fee. x_x

Hahaha the benefit of holidays is watch tv till i drop!
Although i still watch TV even when it is not holidays! Hahaha
And all the shows i like seems like it is gonna end! Oh no.
我看呀看着电视 越来越有意思~

From 6pm to 11pm. I miss bai jia le!
7pm my favourite show! Cruel temptation

Encai and jianyou so sweet! Haha

9PM: Priceless wonders (you xi ren sheng), nice drama too :D

10pm: 魔幻视界! 人间有奇迹!
Thomas ong quite charming i think! Haha

And i should watch this! Down with love. Only managed to watch 1 episode plus i think but i already find it so cute. Haha

Tomorow results released. May god bless me!

Countdown to my Birthday: 25 days


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